Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 31 August 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Le Grand Guignol I, Who Brought Forth Myself The Great Maddening Maddening Media
2 Yegussa Elvis Is A Cliché / Cheap Boxxx Yegussa (DIY)
3 Yegussa We Don't Need Bodybuilding Yegussa (DIY)
4 Yegussa Public Enemy Yegussa (DIY)
5 Yegussa Our Ship Will Sink Yegussa (DIY)
6 Tvesla Roboter II Demo ’05 (DIY)
7 Killed By 9V Batteries I Was Caught By Some Popular Lines Escape Plans Make It Hard To Wait For Success Siluh
8 Spektr B/W vs. Technicolor B/W vs. Technicolor Tocado
9 Conor Oberst I Don't Want To Die (In The Hospital) Conor Oberst Merge
10 Mardi Life Is Lonely The Exile Itch Hazelwood
11 The Audience Bond Celluloid Hazelwood
12 Mintzkov 360° 360° Haldern Pop
13 Landscape Izuma Palindrom Kolorit Siluh
14 Emirsian Pure Aftertaste A Gentle Kind of Disaster Nois-O-Lution
15 Lucky Sperms Melody Somewhat Humorous Jagjaguwar
16 Nex The Revenge A Clockwork Heart Rising
17 Funeral The Will To Die As The Light Does The Shadow Indie
18 Hail Of Bullets General Winter …Of Frost And War Metal Blade
19 Hail Of Bullets Ordered Eastward …Of Frost And War Metal Blade
20 Hail Of Bullets Stalingrad …Of Frost And War Metal Blade


Yegussa, Hail Of Bullets

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