Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 September 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Elvaron Living In The Anthill Gravitation Control System Thundering
2 Enslaved Clouds Vertebrae Indie
3 Helstar Wicked Disposition The King Of Hell AFM
4 Lanfear My Will Be Done X To The Power Of Ten Locomotive
5 Falconer Man Of The Hour Among Beggars And Thieves Metal Blade
6 Falchion Primitive Again Chronicles Of The Dead Massacre
7 Iskald A Breath Of Apocalypse Revelations Of Reckoning Day Indie
8 Anima Behind The Mask The Daily Grind Metal Blade
9 Mendeed Poisoned Heart Positive Metal Attitude Rising
10 Nato The Last Goodbye Kill The Fox To Foil The Plan Rising
11 Nex Tick Nex Rising
12 The Faint Get Seduced Fasciinatiion blank.wav
13 Hal Flavin SPQR Hal Flavin LiLi Is Pi
14 Nouvelle Vague This Is Not A Love Song Nouvelle Vague Peacefrog
15 Ex Inferis Se7en Days 6ix Kills Hidjama Noiseworks
16 Everwaiting Serenade The Next Weekend Revolution Demo 2007 (DIY)
17 Homer An Endless Trace Swan Songs For Broken Voices Funtime
18 Daniel Johnston with Jad Fair Memphis Tennessee It's Spooky 50 Skidillion Watts
19 Striving Higher Sometimes Striving Higher Engineer
20 Sky Larkin People Die Swit-Swoo (Advance)
21 Angst vor Clowns Stewardess Angst vor Clowns Blunoise
22 Angst vor Clowns Metalbub Angst vor Clowns Blunoise
23 Angst vor Clowns Albert Hoffmann Angst vor Clowns Blunoise


Angst vor Clowns

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