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Playlist 28 September 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Generators Point Of No Return The Great Divide People Like You
2 Venerea Living It For The Moment Black Beach Recordings Bad Taste
3 Stigma My Reflection New York Blood I Scream
4 31Knots The Breaks Worried Well Polyvinyl
5 Bad Liquor Pond Sun Fingers Radiant Transmission MT6
6 DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise Zu viel Zeit 7" Version c/o Pop
7 Mardi Child Of Pop My Private Hadron Hazelwood
8 Vert & Tri-Minh Three The Asian-Pacific Plate c/o Pop
9 October Equus Architeuthis Dux Charybdis RAIG
10 It's Not Not The Knight With No Knife To Fight No Time For Jokes Bcore
11 Sky Larkin Because The Night Swit-Swoo (Advance)
12 Popnoname 2012 Surrounded By Weather Italic
13 Wonderful Wankers Rope River Smashboxxx Well-Dressed
14 Fast Friday Blood Work Of Love The Sweeter The Sin, The Bitter The Taste (DIY)
15 Holy Moses World In Darkness Agony Of Death Wacken
16 Girls In Hawaii Plan Your Escape Plan Your Escape Naive
17 Artas Gangsta's Paradise The Healing Napalm
18 Soon Minor Operatives Please Accelerate Funtime
19 Daniel Johnston Merry-Go-Round Respect Stress
20 Lucky Fonz III Ballad Of Lighthouse Lucky Fonz III (DIY)
21 Reflection When Shadows Fall When Shadows Fall Cruz Del Sur
22 One-Way Mirror Danger Calling One-Way Mirror Metal Blade
23 One-Way Mirror Deprived Of Connection One-Way Mirror Metal Blade
24 One-Way Mirror 21st Century One-Way Mirror Metal Blade


One-Way Mirror

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