Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 October 2008

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Pyro California Smile Stop The World Thundering
2 Girlschool Don't Mess Around Legacy Wacken
3 Holy Moses Schizophrenia Agony Of Death Wacken
4 Holy Martyr Lakedaimon Hellenic Warrior Spirit Dragonheart
5 Kampfar Inferno Heimgang Napalm
6 Emancer The Beast Attacks Twilight And Randomness Naga
7 Cronian Project Hibernation Enterprise Indie
8 Mencea Ardad Dark Matter Energy Noir Indie
9 Deny The Urge Open The Gates BlackBox Of Human Of Sorrow G.U.C.
10 Insane Inside Doubt Addicted Thundering
11 Nightshade Bury In Terror The Beginning Of Eradication Rising
12 Earth Crisis Filthy Hands To Famished Mouths Breed The Killers I Scream
13 Artaban The Dawn Cavalry Landscapes Schnurstrax
14 A.Armada The Dam Was Split, But The City Was Saved Aman Cara Golden Antenna
15 Blackmail Mine Me I Tempo Tempo 6853/Universal
16 Yegussa Monologue Yegussa (DIY)
17 Daniel Johnston Mind Contorted Fun Atlantic
18 Keep Away From Heat Toys Helium Bliss Ammonite
19 Killed By 9V Batteries Acting Moderate Escape Plans Make It Hard To Wait For Success Siluh
20 From Monument To Masses Beyond God & Elvis Beyond God & Elvis Golden Antenna
21 From Monument To Masses The Role Traversal Beyond God & Elvis Golden Antenna
22 From Monument To Masses To Z (365 Days Of Static Remix) Schools Of Thought Contend Dim Mak


From Monument To Masses

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