Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 18 January 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Ayin Aleph Hamlet Ayin Aleph I Invencis
2 Dol Theeta Nighttime The Universe Expands Electronic Art Metal
3 Chaoswave Fork Tongues And Foul Times Dead Eye Dreaming Silverwolf
4 Cronian Deportation Enterprise Indie
5 Unlight Death Consecrates With Blood Death Consecrates With Blood Massacre
6 Asmegin Hiertebrand Arv Napalm
7 Coronatus Exitus Porta Obscura Massacre
8 Wizard Asgard Thor Massacre
9 Avian Into The Other Side Ashes And Madness Silverwolf
10 Vaka Born To Secrecy Kappa Delta Phi Murkhouse
11 Sheeduz Sick Boy A Frozen Moment (Advance)
12 Mugison Jesus Is A Good Name To Moan Mugiboogie Ipecac
13 The Burden Longing For Sickness The Burden (DIY)
14 Clean State Dead Angel Factory Dead Angel Factory (DIY)
15 Daniel Johnston Must Fear Yourself Gammon
16 Hjaltalín Traffic Music Sleepdrunk Seasons Haldern Pop
17 Metro You're Never Sexy You're Never Sexy (Single) (DIY)
18 Bad Liquor Pond Pain Killer Radiant Transmission MT6
19 Sixtoys Razor Teeth Sins And Sounds Funtime
20 Mitote Erstmal für immer Folger Red Can
21 Mitote Zaunwärter Folger Red Can
22 Mitote Wenden Folger Red Can



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