Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 January 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Babyoil Freakshow Score Winged Skull
2 Soon Reverse Cinderella As Of Yet Funtime
3 SOS Fear & Ferocity Adult Situations 316 Productions
4 2nd District Drinking (The Song) Poverty Makes Angry People Like You
5 The New Black Everlasting The New Black AFM
6 F5 Rank And File The Reckoning Silverwolf
7 Andromeda Censoring Truth The Immunity Zone Silverwolf
8 Dol Theeta Silver Air The Universe Expands Electronic Art Metal
9 Vaka I Of Everything Kappa Delta Phi Murkhouse
10 Gathiens Inner Mission Nesh Murkhouse
11 Aeon There Will Be No Heaven For Me Rise To Dominate Metal Blade
12 Abigail Shark Sex Bomb Demo (DIY)
13 Man Made Suicide Fucking Bitch Song Demo 2008 (DIY)
14 Miles To Perdition Striving For The Secrets Miles To Perdition (DIY)
15 Metro You're Never Sexy You're Never Sexy (Single) (DIY)
16 Kitshickers Euphrates The Orion Constellation Winged Skull
17 Daniel Johnston My Baby Cares For The Dead More Songs Of Pain Stress
18 Station 17 + Knarf Rellöm Trinity Wir Woll'n Zusammen Sein Goldstein Variationen 17rec.
19 Spy Kowlik Ska Carnival Trois (DIY)
20 Kreator Demon Prince Hordes Of Chaos Steamhammer / SPV
21 Sixtoys A Toast To Revolution Sins And Sounds Funtime
22 Sixtoys Guns Out! Guns Out! Sins And Sounds Funtime
23 Sixtoys A Toast To Stagnation Sins And Sounds Funtime



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