Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 8 February 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Versus You Comme ci comme ša This Is The Sinking Winged Skull
2 Weakonstruction No Style 18 Minute Revolution Granny
3 Weakonstruction Dicke Bertha 18 Minute Revolution Granny
4 Weakonstruction We Don't Understand 18 Minute Revolution Granny
5 Weakonstruction The Room 18 Minute Revolution Granny
6 Weakonstruction The World I See 18 Minute Revolution Granny
7 Nashville Pussy Ain't You Business From Hell To Texas Steamhammer / SPV
8 Ektomorf I Got It All What Doesn't Kill Me... AFM
9 Vaka At The Hands Of Loss Kappa Delta Phi Murkhouse
10 Gathiens Connectango Nesh Murkhouse
11 Station 17 + Stereo Total Bill Goldstein Variationen 17rec.
12 Metro You're Never Sexy You're Never Sexy (Single) (DIY)
13 Tvesla Roboter II Demo ’05 (DIY)
14 Ex Inferis Se7en Days 6ix Kills Hidjama Noiseworks
15 Carach Angren Haunting Echoes From The Seventeenth Century Lammendam Maddening Media
16 Daniel Johnston My Little Girl Fun Atlantic
17 Disen Gage Ikar's Guide To The Galaxy ...The Reverse May Be True RAIG
18 The End Of All Reason Aeons In The Void Fragmented I For Us
19 The End Of All Reason Redemption (Chariots From The Beyond Part II) Fragmented I For Us
20 The End Of All Reason Ascending The Throne Once More Fragmented I For Us


Weakonstruction, The End Of All Reason

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