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Playlist 15 March 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 HORSE The Band Murder A Natural Death Ferret
2 Ministry No W Adios... Puta Madres AFM
3 HateSphere Backstabber To The Nines Napalm
4 Debauchery Primordial Annihilator Rockers And War AFM
5 Agathodaimon Heliopolis Phoenix Massacre
6 Celeste Toucher ce vide béant attise ma fascination Misanthrope(s) Denovali
7 Isole Forlorn Silent Ruins Napalm
8 Nachtgeschrei Muspilli Am Rande der Welt Massacre
9 Crimfall The Crown of Treason As The Path Unfolds Napalm
10 Retrace My Fragments Entre deux Vertizontal (DIY)
11 Burst I Exterminate The I Lazarus Bird Relapse
12 The Ocean Orosirian / For The Great Blue Cold Now Reigns Precambrian Metal Blade
13 Eric Rosenfeld Bus Stop 529 Winged Skull
14 Furnace Drained Doublewalker Shock Value
15 Daniel Johnston Never Before, Never Again The What Of Whom Stress
16 Andromeda Veil Of Illumination The Immunity Zone Silverwolf
17 Mind Odyssey Enemy Daggers Time To Change It Napalm
18 Lunatica The Incredibles New Shores Napalm
19 Modern Age Slavery Red Lines Of Obsessions Damned To Blindness Napalm
20 Modern Age Slavery Damned To Blindness Damned To Blindness Napalm
21 Modern Age Slavery Drop By Drop Damned To Blindness Napalm


Modern Age Slavery

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