Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 29 March 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Deadline Too Late Tomorrow We're Taking Over People Like You
2 Guilty Guitars Nothing Is Real RMXD Guilty Guitars
3 Killed By 9V Batteries I Was Caught By Some Popular Lines Escape Plans Make It Hard To Wait For Success Siluh
4 Killed By 9V Batteries This City Is Lit When You're On Top Of It Escape Plans Make It Hard To Wait For Success Siluh
5 Killed By 9V Batteries Make Her Parties Unique Escape Plans Make It Hard To Wait For Success Siluh
6 Octo Wallace Yes To Say No!... By Beloved Unterschichtenradio Fast Women Slow Horses (DIY)
7 Bakerton Group Bien Clasico El Rojo AFM
8 Jeavestone The Secret Playhouse Mind The Soup Nordic Notes
9 Tuomari Nurmio & Alamaailman Vasarat Kolmannen Linjan Mona Lisa Kinaporin Kalifaatti Nordic Notes
10 Kevin Blechdom Gravity Gentlemania Sonig
11 Tim Exile Don't Think We're One Listening Tree WARP
12 Metro Less Than Zero We're Never Sexy Radar
13 Babyoil Demon Score Winged Skull
14 Tiger Lou Trails Of Spit A Partial Print Startracks / Tapete
15 Daniel Johnston Never Get To Heaven More Songs Of Pain Stress
16 Obliq Solo Solo Conelove
17 GuruBanana G.B. Lost His Mind GuruBanana Pocket Heaven
18 Agrarians ShakeScene That New, Olde Timey Feele, Pt. II (DIY)
19 Cascadeur Into The Wild Road Movie (DIY)
20 Disen Gage God Saw Otherwise …The Reverse May Be True RAIG
21 Derek Sherinian Frozen By Fire Molecular Heinosity InsideOut
22 Manufacturer's Pride Mind And Machine Sound Of God's Absence Firebox
23 Dark The Suns Unbroken Silence All Ends In Silence Firebox


Killed By 9V Batteries

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