Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 May 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Traumkapitšn Godson Virtue Comical (DIY)
2 IQ Stronger Than Friction Frequency InsideOut
3 Riverside Driven To Destruction Anno Domini High Definition InsideOut
4 Tyr Trůndur Ū GÝtu By The Light Of The Northern Star Napalm
5 Tim Ripper Owens The Cover Up Play My Game Steamhammer / SPV
6 Mystic Prophecy Across The Gates Of Hell Fireangel Massacre
7 Crescent Shield The Grand Horizon The Stars Of Never Seen Cruz Del Sur
8 Gwyllion Rage The Edge Of All I Know Black Bards
9 Heathen Foray Fading Tree The Passage Black Bards
10 crashzendo The Machines Are Taking Over The Return Of The Gruesome Twosome Schnurstrax
11 Black President Vacate The Vatican Black President People Like You
12 Sutcliffe D. Sensation Sutcliffe Beste! Unterhaltung
13 Psi Corps Party At Barnard's (Is Over) Tekeli-Li: A Soundtrack To The Adventures Of A.G. Pym RAIG
14 Jaya The Cat Night Bus Late Night Transmissions With... I Scream
15 Fluchtweg Gar nichts tun Corporate Identity Tollschock
16 Lincoln Hawk C By C The One With The Strongest Heart... Granny
17 Sarke The Drunken Priest Vorunah Indie
18 Sarke Old Vorunah Indie
19 Sarke 13 Candles Vorunah Indie



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