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Playlist 21 June 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Lääz Rockit Brain Wash Left For Dead Massacre
2 Lääz Rockit Take No Prisoners City's Gonna Burn Massacre
3 Chris Caffery House Of Insanity House Of Insanity AFM
4 Infinite Horizon Re-Evolution Soul Reducer Black Bards
5 Eternal Tears Of Sorrow Summon The Wild Children Of The Dark Waters Massacre
6 Stream Of Passion In The End The Flame Within Napalm
7 Devin Townsend Project Coast Ki InsideOut
8 PN Unleash The Lions From What Rivers Have To Offer Funtime
9 Kitty Empire Small Bird Big Beak Peep! Peep! Donkey Red Can
10 Daniel Johnston Now Fear Yourself Gammon
11 Traumkapitän Back And Forth (Artaban Remix) Remixes (DIY)
12 Maplewood Over Hills And Down The Hollows Yeti Boombox Tapete
13 Montag Sommernacht Montag Tapete
14 Bakerton Group Chancellor El Rojo AFM
15 Clutch Struck Down Strange Cousins from the West Weathermaker
16 Joe Jackson Got The Time Look Sharp! A&M
17 Minipli Grey Dawn Saturdays I Go Boom! Proscenium
18 Mutiny On The Bounty Continents Danger Mouth Redfield
19 Zu Maledetto Sedicesimo Il paese è reale Europe
20 Yawning Sons Wetlands Ceremony To The Sunset Lexicon Devil
21 Isole Forlorn Silent Ruins Napalm
22 Isole Nightfall Silent Ruins Napalm



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