Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 19 July 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Trigger The Bloodshed Laceration Purgation Rising / SPV
2 Neaera Prey to Anguish Omnicide - Creation Unleashed Metal Blade
3 Dark Remains Symbols of Subsidence A Construct To Obliterate Dutch Metal
4 Mountain Of Judgement Globule Dirgenera (Compendium I) RAIG
5 Indukti Tusan Homichi Tuvota Idmen InsideOut
6 Beardfish Destined Solitaire Destined Solitaire InsideOut
7 Phideaux Hive Mind Number Seven Bloodfish
8 Random Patterns Tender Getter Creatures Of Teeth Heard Of Elephants
9 Porté Disparu Ô Québec Marche rapide (DIY)
10 Daniel Johnston Oh What A Wonderful Feeling The Lost Recordings Stress
11 Yawning Sons Meadows Ceremony To The Sunset Lexicon Devil
12 Le Man Avec Les Lunettes Apples Plaskaplaskabombelibom MyHoney
13 Guilty Guitars Paralyzed Days Of The Golden Wealth Guilty Guitars
14 Chaoswave 10 Years Of Denial Dead Eye Dreaming Silverwolf
15 Chaoswave Fork Tongues And Foul Times Dead Eye Dreaming Silverwolf
16 Chaoswave Blind Eye Focus Dead Eye Dreaming Silverwolf



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