Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 26 July 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Ephrat Haze No One’s Words InsideOut
2 Jonas Tamas Golden Sun Sharp Guitars From A Flat Planet (DIY)
3 O.M.T Break Shake Anamantium Rising
4 Sick Of Society Weekend Anarchist Weekend Anarchy 36music
5 Sixlip Call To Arms Know Who You Are Pee
6 Burning Fiction Die Trying Don't Lose Touch Pee
7 Lostboyfound The Curse One Voice Over The Airwaves Pee
8 Revolution Mother Born To Rock'n'Roll Rollin’ With Tha Mutha Ferret
9 Illdisposed Dark 1-800 Vindication Massacre
10 Illdisposed Back To The Street Burn Me Wicked Massacre
11 Death Before Dishonor Remember Better Ways To Die Bridge Nine
12 Dead Swans Thinking Of You Sleepwalkers Bridge Nine
13 Homer Long Gone Dreams Wasteland Reflections Funtime
14 Agents Of Atlas End Of Light Safe As Sound (Demo)
15 Daniel Johnston Once Upon A Dream The Lost Recordings Stress
16 Bad Luck Charms Break My Heart Bad Luck Charms I Scream
17 Adolescents Amoeba Adolescents Frontier
18 Artaban Melankonic Landscapes Schnurstrax
19 Hudson Mohawke Polkadot Blues Polyfolk Dance Warp
20 Torben Möller-Meissner Graue Hölle der lebenden Toten Volle Leere Ferne Nähe Tapete
21 Dog Bless You Saigon Kito Sounds Chez Kito Kat
22 Filia Motsa Cap Chat Kito Sounds 2 Chez Kito Kat
23 Vespero Salma Simiere (Cross And Crown) Surpassing All Kings RAIG
24 Rain Tongue When Will It Fly Over Them Rain Tongue RAIG
25 Disbelief A Place To Hide Protected Hell Massacre
26 Disbelief Hate / Aggression Schedule Protected Hell Massacre
27 Disbelief Nemesis Rising Protected Hell Massacre



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