Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 16 August 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Misery Signals Nothing Controller Ferret
2 Poison The Well Exist Underground The Tropic Rot Ferret
3 O.M.T Shattered Dreams And Promises Anamantium Rising
4 Dark Remains Demon's Dance A Construct To Obliterate Dutch Metal
5 Dozelimit (untitled) VI Dirgenera (Compendium I) RAIG
6 Violence and the Sacred Do You See Any People? Rusty Pile Viosac
7 Whizz Kid Summer Bubbles The Yellow And Blue EP Bearsuit
8 Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai Bearskins Sweetness And Light EP Bearsuit
9 Daniel Johnston Out West The Lost Recordings 2 Stress
10 Sick Of Society Endstation Bahnhofsklo Weekend Anarchy 36music
11 Boozed Sexy One Mile Chorus Of One
12 Gonzales Ring Of Fire Checkmate Chorus Of One
13 The Tea Club Cool Smack General Winter's Secret Museum (DIY)
14 Fracture Lucifer's Spring Denial We Dare You, Wonder Schnurstrax
15 Calexico Alone Again Or Convict Pool Quarterstick
16 Clean State Dead Angel Factory Dead Angel Factory (DIY)
17 Deerhunter Circulation Rainwater Cassette Exchange Kranky
18 Southern Cross Weak And Sober Down Below (DIY)
19 Diabolo Swing Orchestra Bedlam Sticks Sing-Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious Ascendance
20 U.D.O. Devil's Rendezvous Dominator AFM
21 Inmoria Come Insanity Invisible Wounds Massacre
22 Inmoria Circle Of Memories Invisible Wounds Massacre
23 Inmoria As I Die Invisible Wounds Massacre



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