Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 September 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Enslaved Clouds Vertebrae Indie
2 Portal A Venus El Hijo De La Aurora Dirgenera (Compendium II) RAIG
3 Vespero Serata (i.s.i.e.m.e.) Surpassing All Kings RAIG
4 Taipuva Luotisuora Imaginary Blizzard IV Nordic Notes
5 Phideaux Storia Senti Number Seven Bloodfish
6 Random Patterns HC SVNT RNMD PTTRNS Creatures Of Teeth Heard Of Elephants
7 Redemption Unformed Snowfall On Judgment Day InsideOut
8 Silent Memorial Carpet Diver Cosmic Handball Limb
9 Metro Less Than Zero We’re Never Sexy Radar
10 Extinct Kill Or Be Killed Kill Or Be Killed Winged Skull / Ashcan
11 Millencolin Detox Machine 15 Burning Heart
12 Explosions In The Sky The Birth And Death Of The Day All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone Temporary Residence
13 Locas In Love Wintersachen Winter Sitzen
14 Sermeq Deserts Quotations (DIY)
15 Late Night Venture Acorns Fall Illuminations Planet Of Sounds / Quartermain
16 Maniacs R. Democracy The Maniacs Against 'em All
17 Narnia Sail Around The World Course Of A Generation Massacre
18 Narnia Scared Course Of A Generation Massacre
19 Narnia Course Of A Generation Course Of A Generation Massacre



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