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Playlist 20 September 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 dEFDUMp Lament Manifest This Is Forevermore Winged Skull
2 Jesaiah Fill Your Hands With Chaos Et Tu, Hope Black Star Foundation
3 Soul Control Silent Reality Cycles Bridge Nine
4 Polar Bear Club Boxes Chasing Hamburg Bridge Nine
5 All Against The World Never Tell The Furthermost Chorus Of One
6 Reaching Hand Threshold Threshold Chorus Of One
7 Abandon Lost We Are The Dead End Discouraged
8 Vansinnet Polymesmerized Vansinnet (DIY)
9 Airpeople Golden City The Golden City Golden Antenna
10 Revolting Cocks I'm Not Gay (I'm So Gay Club Mix) Sex-O MIXXX-O 13th Planet
11 Daniel Johnston Peace & Tranquility The What Of Whom Stress
12 secretSpeech Live At Bloe Baaschtert (excerpt) (unreleased) (DIY)
13 Traumkapitän Easy Metro Vol. 17 Radar / Noiseworks / Comet
14 Natas Loves You Finished Line (radio edit) From Natas With Love Songs For Ben
15 The Disliked Mary My Parents Went To Eldorado And All I Got Was This Lousy Cadillac Ashcan
16 Mäkkelä & Orkesteri Kahden Viikon Mies Mean Nothing In Hitchin 9pm
17 Late Night Venture Love Respect Call Illuminations Quartermain
18 Late Night Venture Acorns Fall Illuminations Quartermain
19 Late Night Venture Sidekick Trip To Mars Illuminations Quartermain


Late Night Venture

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