Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 1 November 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Clean State Green River Dead Angel Factory (DIY)
2 The Jacob Conspiracy Cigarette & A Drink The Jacob Conspiracy (DIY)
3 The Jacob Conspiracy Turn The Page The Jacob Conspiracy (DIY)
4 The Jacob Conspiracy No Reason The Jacob Conspiracy (DIY)
5 The Jacob Conspiracy Devil's Smile The Jacob Conspiracy (DIY)
6 Fall Of Efrafra Republic Of Heaven Inlé Denovali
7 Hellish War Hellish War Defender Of Metal Pure Steel
8 Hellish War Metal Forever Heroes Of Tomorrow Pure Steel
9 Nouvelle Vague Ça plane pour moi 3 Peacefrog
10 The Elephants Take It! Take It! Tapete
11 Do Make Say Think Do Other Truths Constellation
12 Bored Man Overboard Since Last April Sinner Song EP Hazelwood
13 Daniel Johnston Poor You Hi, How Are You Stress
14 Knut und die herbe Frau Wort Knut und die herbe Frau Tapete
15 Rantanplan Peking Bordell Halt's Maul - Mach Musik! Tapete
16 Dick Black Laidback The Lion And The Cheetah Funtime
17 Nine Eleven The New Shame Of Punk To Come City Of Quartz Chorus Of One
18 Hellkommander The Cursed Death To My Enemies High Roller
19 Razor Fist Fury Of The Warrior Metal Minds Pure Steel


The Jacob Conspiracy

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