Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 29 November 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Bible Of The Devil Heat Feeler Freedom Metal Cruz Del Sur
2 Redemption Fistful Of Sand Snowfall On Judgment Day InsideOut
3 Black-Out Beauty Chuck Norris Horrortrip Nöize
4 Black-Out Beauty Corpseater Horrortrip Nöize
5 Black-Out Beauty One Step To Insanity Horrortrip Nöize
6 Black-Out Beauty In The Mouth Of Madness Horrortrip Nöize
7 Ram-Zet Addict Neutralized Ascendance
8 Sandstone The Road To Guantanamo Purging The Past Limb
9 Neaera I Loathe Omnicide – Creation Unleashed Metal Blade
10 Clean State Innocent Ignorance Dead Angel Factory (DIY)
11 Scarred Perfect Circle New Filth Order (DIY)
12 Divine Eve Whispers Of Fire Vengeful and Obstinate Ibex Moon
13 Oblomov Deconstructing The Order Communitas (Deconstructing The Order) Werewolf
14 Kauan Sokea Sisar (radio-edit mix) Aava Tuulen Maa Firebox
15 Brainstorm Shiver Memorial Roots AFM
16 Brainstorm The Conjunction Of The 7 Planets Memorial Roots AFM
17 Brainstorm Victim Memorial Roots AFM


Black Out Beauty, Brainstorm

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