Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 6 December 2009

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Kitshickers Euphrates The Orion Constellation Winged Skull
2 Natas Loves You Anita, Me And The End From Natas With Love Songs For Ben
3 Circle Sacrifice Hollywood Viva Hate
4 Plutonium Orange Killer By The Road Volume Firebox
5 The Separation Black Wire Retire Your Engines Engineer
6 The Rocket Boom Boom Boom Boom The Rocket Funtime
7 SpeakYourHeart If I Quit Breathing This Is How We Communicate Engineer
8 Port O'Brien I Woke Up Today d:qliq 3 Songs For Ben
9 Daniel Johnston Pot Head Songs Of Pain Stress
10 Filiamotsa KC Tribute To KC Chez Kito Kat
11 Gnomefoam Being 2 Being Fucklord Dragonfist Rack and Ruin
12 Komparce Buccolik Relaxation Data Exchange Chez Kito Kat
13 Squarefeet Frostbite Fat Feet Exogenic
14 Melvins Billy Fish Nude With Boots Ipecac
15 Fall Of Efrafra Woundwort Inlé Denovali
16 Fatalist Internal Misery The Depths Of Inhumanity Ibex Moon
17 Ram-Zet Infamia Neutralized Ascendance
18 Ram-Zet 222 Neutralized Ascendance
19 Ram-Zet God Don't Forgive Neutralized Ascendance



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