Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 3 January 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 F5 No Excuse The Reckoning Silverwolf
2 Winter's Verge Old Man's Wish Tales Of Tragedy Massacre
3 Jelonek BaRock Jelonek Mystic Production
4 Eläkeläiset Hulluna Humpasta Humppabingo Nordic Notes
5 HGich.T Tutenchamun Hallo Mama Tapete
6 The Medullary Paralysis Heaven Forbid We Don't Drink, We Don't Take Drugs, We Don't Have Sex, We Feel Compassion (DIY)
7 Tranquilatwist Charade Down About The Ceiling Trouble Street
8 Ninca Leece On Top Of The World There Is No One Else When I Lay Down And Dream Bureau B
9 Sarah Jezebel Deva She Stands Like Stone A Sign Of Sublime Rising
10 Crematory Out Of Mind Infinity Massacre
11 Heavenly Full Moon Carpe Diem AFM
12 Orden Ogan Nobody Leaves Easton Hope AFM
13 Nadja Kitsune: Fox Drone (excerpt) Split-CD with Kodiak Denovali
14 Daniel Johnston Pow More Songs Of Pain Stress
15 Cosmo Kiosk Fang von vorne an Wir lassen von uns hören Micropal
16 The Calorifer Is Very Hot! My Dressing Room Evolution On Stand-By We Were Never Being Boring
17 Agnostic Front Your Mistake Victim In Pain Bridge Nine
18 The Argent Dawn A Blank Eternity A Blank Eternity Rising
19 With Chaos In Her Wake Cryptic Assembly Treason Rising
20 Sworn Amongst Out Of Line (Scathing Injustice) Severance Rising
21 Mia Hope (Filmed Like A) Modern Day Noir We Are Just Satellites Rising
22 Burning Black Our Sentence Limb Limb
23 Tying Tiffany I Wanna Be Your MP3 Brain For Breakfast I Scream
24 Madball Infiltrate The System Infiltrate The System I Scream
25 Mucky Pup P.T.L. (We Want Your Money) A Boy In A Man’s World I Scream


Laurens Kusters (I Scream Records)

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