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Playlist 31 January 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Disen Gage What's Up On Planet Plyuk? ...The Reverse May Be True RAIG
2 Bosch's With You St. Michael's Seed Wired Promise To Be RAIG
3 Cyclorama Stolen Bikes May Ride Faster!! This Is Aerial Space Rock, Keep Your Hair On!! Schnurstrax
4 Midicrash Dibbelidub Dibbelidub (DIY)
5 EndName Inception Dreams Of A Cyclops RAIG
6 Plutonium Orange Wet Trails Volume Firebox
7 Abadden Sentenced To Death Sentenced To Death Rising
8 Annihilator Wicked Mystic Live At Masters Of Rock Steamhammer / SPV
9 Catamenia Blood Trails Cavalcade Massacre
10 DoomDogs I'm Sure DoomDogs High Roller
11 Jon Oliva's Pain Living On The Edge Festival AFM
12 Cryonic Kings Of The Hill Kings Of Avalon High Roller
13 Daniel Johnston Light Of Day Is And Always Was Eternal Yip Eye
14 Woolen I Will Find A Way The Dweller On The Threshold (DIY)
15 Les Wad Billys Hot Brain clair Schnitz
16 Zl Out Of Time Out Of Time High Roller
17 Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Just A Shock III Ferret
18 Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Listen Close III Ferret
19 Maylene and the Sons of Disaster Step Up (I'm On It) III Ferret


Maylene and the Sons of Disaster

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