Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 14 February 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Pure Reason Revolution Victorious Cupid Amor Vincit Omnia Superball
2 Kaipa Arcs Of Sound In The Wake Of Evolution InsideOut
3 Aspera Remorse Ripples InsideOut
4 Excalion From Somewhere To Anywhere High Time Limb
5 Pandea Lost Eternity Soylent Green Pure Steel
6 Sextum Sepulcrum Disclaimed Son Opus I: Dona Eis Requiem (DIY)
7 Fear Factory Industrial Discipline Mechanize AFM
8 Troll Alt For Satan Neo-Satanic Supremacy Napalm
9 Fuelblooded Recipe For Demise Off The Face Of The Earth My Kingdom
10 The Kandidate Strength Through Diversity Until We Are Outnumbered Napalm
11 Warhammer The Tunguska Riddle No Beast So Fierce High Roller
12 Mugison Mugiboogie Mugiboogie Ipecac
13 Inborn Trash Is The New Glam En Vogue Ashcan
14 secretSpeech We Are Made Of Star Stuff The Lucifer Conspiracy (DIY)
15 Daniel Johnston Lost In My Infinite Memory Is And Always Was Eternal Yip Eye
16 Good Weather Girl Summer's Here Again Boon Hazelwood
17 Fred Rapid Ponyboy Glassworks Haute Areal
18 Sankt Otten Mutter, Jazz und der Heilige Geist Morgen wieder lustig Denovali
19 Sacred Steel Charge Into Overkill Carnage Victory Massacre
20 Sacred Steel Carnage Victory Carnage Victory Massacre
21 Sacred Steel Denial Of Judas (Heaven Betrayed) Carnage Victory Massacre


Sacred Steel

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