Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 15 August 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Diabolo Swing Orchestra A Tapdancer's Dilemma Sing-Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious Ascendance
2 Buck Brothers Pop Muzik We Are Merely Filters Back2Forward
3 Conditions Better Life Fluorescent Youth Good Fight
4 From Plan To Progress Functional Malfunctions Functioning Functions Ink Stains & Incidents Fond Of Life
5 Destination Anywhere How You Feel Party, Love & Tragedy Finest Noise / Radar
6 Mardi Irina Smiles Von Humboldt Picnic Hazelwood
7 Steve Cradock Beware Of Falling Rocks The Kundalini Target Haldern Pop
8 Daniel Johnston Sad And Lonely The Lost Recordings Stress
9 V13 Gouache Overlook Hotel Swarm Of Nails
10 7 Weeks Crash All Channels Off F2M Planet / Radar
11 Made Of Hate Russian Roulette Pathogen AFM
12 Dragonsfire My Mashed Insane Brain... Metal Service Pure Steel
13 Eternal Reign The Beast Within The Dawn Of Reckoning Pure Steel
14 Icy Steel The Holy Sun As The Gods Command Pure Steel
15 Efterklang Modern Drift Magic Chairs 4AD
16 Hal Flavin SPQR Hal Flavin Lili Is Pi
17 Aufgang Dulceria (Artaban Remix) (unreleased) (DIY)
18 Ikuinen Kaamos Apart Fall Of Icons Maddening Media
19 DoomDogs Shout DoomDogs High Roller
20 The Grand Astoria Wikipedia Surfer II RAIG
21 Rite Meanwhile In Hell Death I Hear You Calling But I Can’t Come Home Rite Now Multiplatinum / Longfellow Deeds

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