Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 22 August 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 LoveHateHero Pants Off Dance Off America Underwater Ferret
2 Triggerfinger Short Term Memory Love What Grabs Ya? Excelsior
3 SuperCharger Handgrenade Blues Handgrenade Blues VME
4 Spiritual Beggars Lost In Yesterday Return To Zero InsideOut
5 Black Rainbows Space Kingdom Carmina Diabolo Longfellow Deeds
6 Spirits Of The Dead The Waves Of Our Ocean Spirits Of The Dead Big Dipper
7 Opus Symbiosis Solar Clouds Opus Symbiosis (DIY)
8 Lis Er Stille Shards Of The Ending The Collibro VME
9 Gifts From Enola Dime And Suture Gifts From Enola The Mylene Sheath
10 Kwoon Great Escape When The Flowers Were Singing… (DIY)
11 Thot Moved Hills Fig. 2&3: Stories Of The Hills Mover And The Fields Tuner (DIY)
12 The Rabble This World Is Dead The Battle's Almost Over Filthy Lucre
13 Daniel Johnston Sad Sac + Tarzan Fun Atlantic
14 Daniel Benjamin I Need You There's A Deathbed For Your Monster Haldern Pop
15 Curbs Come On The City Of Dreaming Spires Pate
16 Tarngo Epoche Egal Horman Blunoise
17 Warhammer The Bloodstained Shadow No Beast So Fierce High Roller
18 Doomshine Godhunter The Piper At The Gates Of Doom Massacre
19 Voices Of Destiny Hourglass From The Ashes Massacre
20 Distant Past The New Lordship Alpha Draconis (DIY)
21 Lord Bishop Rocks War, Stop The War Construction Planet Dirty Earth

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