Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 29 August 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Late Night Venture Love Respect Call Illuminations Planet Of Sounds / Quartermain
2 Lis Er Stille The Real Children The Collibro VME
3 Out Like Lambs Archangel Not So Winter Waltz Music Of The Spheres
4 Daniel Johnston Sarah Drove In Her Car Beam Me Up! Hazelwood
5 Curbs Love The City Of Dreaming Spires Pate
6 A Forest Stereotype Leaves Leaves Fall Fall Rain Fall Analogsoul
7 Flyingdeadman Drifting Alone (Ohbymon) W.E.N. Flying
8 Thot Solid Insecure Flower (MPK Remix) Fig. 1: The Apple Trees Lover (DIY)
9 Papa Roach Kick In The Teeth Time For Annihilation Eleven Seven / EMI
10 Coma Confusion Excess Mystic
11 Valient Thorr Double Crossed Stranger Volcom
12 Skullview Defiance, Desperation, Defeat Metalkill the World Pure Steel
13 Unlight Sulphurblooded Sulphurblooded Massacre
14 Unsun Not Enough Clinic For Dolls Mystic
15 Opus Symbiosis Empty But Not Completely Infoless Opus Symbiosis (DIY)
16 All Over Everywhere After All The Years Inner Firmaments Decay Emkog
17 Spirits Of The Dead Spirits Of The Dead Spirits Of The Dead White Elephant / Big Dipper
18 The Prophecy 23 B.T.M. (Brutal Thrash Maniacs) …To The Pit Massacre
19 The Prophecy 23 23 Thrash B.C. …To The Pit Massacre
20 The Prophecy 23 Surf Nazis Must Die …To The Pit Massacre


The Prophecy 23

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