Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 12 September 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Out Like Lambs Bred To Bug Out Like Lambs (DIY)
2 Les Marquises Only Ghosts Lost Lost Lost Lost Recordings
3 Psi Corps How Many Miles To Avalon? All Roads Lead To Amber RAIG
4 The Re-Stoned Space Revealed Gravitation RAIG
5 Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction Stark von oben We Are Volsung Steamhammer / SPV
6 Black Out Beauty In The Mouth Of Madness Horrortrip Nöize
7 Black Out Beauty Chuck Norris Horrortrip Nöize
8 Black Out Beauty The Corpseater Horrortrip Nöize
9 The Contortionist Flourish Exoplanet Good Fight
10 Windmill Ellen Save Our Energy Epcot Starfields Grönland
11 Anima Incarceration Enter The Killzone Metal Blade
12 Final Depravity Persecution Nightmare 13 Nihilistic Empire
13 Deathfist Apotheosis Too Hot To Burn Pure Steel
14 In Arkadia Forever Dusk Wasteland Chronicles Twilight
15 Rezet Toxic Avenger Have Gun, Will Travel High Roller
16 War For War Věž Smrti Věž Smrti Naga
17 Gorgonea Prima Blast Fournace Black Coal Depression Naga


Black Out Beauty

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