Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 26 September 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Vishnudata Silver Falls Vishnudata Exogenic
2 Whizz Kid Falling Out Of Trees, Falling Down Hills The Fall Will Probably Kill You Bearsuit
3 Meursault The Furnace Pissing On Bonfires, Kissing With Tongues Popup
4 Friendly Rich & The Lollipop People Excerpts from BLUE The Musical The Sacred Prune of Remembrance Hazelwood
5 Tarngo Cousineau Horman Blunoise
6 Del Rey E Pluribus Unicorn Immemorial Golden Antenna
7 Noctum Insomnia The Seance High Roller
8 Warcry Bloody Black Axe Revenge In Blood Pure Steel
9 Iron Fate Rage In A Cage Cast In Iron Massacre
10 Iron Fire Nightmare Metalmorphosized Napalm
11 Crystal Viper Blood Of The Heroes Legends AFM
12 The Jacob Conspiracy Cigarette & A Drink The Jacob Conspiracy (DIY)
13 Chief Mart's Opulod 04 Peter Erdnuss Sharktea
14 Medley Jukebox Summernight The Art Of Letting Go (DIY)
15 Triptykon Abyss Within My Soul Eparistera Daimones Century Media
16 Dimmu Borgir Gateways Abrahadabra Nuclear Blast
17 Furnace Giles Corey Doublewalker Robotic Empire
18 Capsule Cobalt Connection Blue Robotic Empire
19 An Apple A Day Another One Fisherman's Friend Nöize
20 Black Out Beauty One Step To Insanity Horrortrip Nöize
21 Shellac Steady As She Goes Excellent Italian Greyhound Touch & Go
22 Daniel Johnston Scrambled Eggs The What Of Whom Stress

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