Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 7 November 2010

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Circle Sacrifice Hollywood Viva Hate
2 Monster Magnet Dig That Hole Mastermind Napalm
3 Eight Of Spades Destroy Driven By Hate Pervade
4 Ektomorf The One (feat. Danko Jones) Redemption AFM
5 Acid Drinkers Love Shack FishDick Zwei (The Dick Is Rising Again) Mystic
6 Gankino Circus Der Papst lebt herrlich in der Welt Das Potpourri des Herrn Baron von Gunzenhausen Beste! Unterhaltung
7 Mardi Radio Mali Von Humboldt Picnic (Editio Terra Incognita) Hazelwood
8 Hyperjinx Tricycle Seasons In The Sun The Songs Of Jack Medicine, Daniel Johnston & Ron English Important
9 Blackfilm Come & See Blackfilm Denovali
10 Heaven In Her Arms Butterfly in Right Helicoid Paraselene Denovali
11 Caribou Odessa Swim City Slang
12 Traktor Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right Early Adopter Atlas / Apocaplexy / Not Another Recordlabel / Dog Knights
13 Oceansize Build Us A Rocket Then… Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up Superball
14 Star One Earth That Was Victims Of The Modern Age InsideOut
15 The Shadow Theory By The Crossroads Behind The Black Veil InsideOut
16 King's X Lost In Germany Live In London Inside Out
17 Conditions Better Life Fluorescent Youth Good Fight
18 Conditions Make Them Remember Fluorescent Youth Good Fight
19 Conditions Miss America Fluorescent Youth Good Fight



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