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Playlist 13 March 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Peacocks After All After All People Like You
2 Buster Shuffle Our Night Out Our Night Out People Like You
3 Blitzkid Blutsauger Apparitional People Like You
4 Sledgeback Palinka Bite The Bullet Sliver
5 Burning Fiction Mindhead Split-CD (with Jet Market & Part Time Killer) Pee
6 Jet Market Tonight, Tonight Split-CD (with Burning Fiction & Part Time Killer) Pee
7 Part Time Killer Thank You Split-CD (with Burning Fiction & Jet Market) Pee
8 Safe Hands It's Always Sunny In Novocastria Oh The Humanity Pee
9 Patriarchal Death Machine Yes, I Wil Continue To Mask Myself And Indulge In Molotov Cocktails For As Long As I Can See Clubs, Shields And Tear Gas Yes! Pee
10 One Vital Word Afraid Early Days Pee
11 Eight Of Spades Come With Me Driven By Hate Pervade
12 Supercharger Heart On Overdrive That's How We Roll VME
13 Gentleman's Pistols Living In Sin Again At Her Majesty's Pleasure Rise Above
14 The Gates Of Slumber Bastards Born The Wretch Rise Above
15 Liquid Graveyard Reflections The Fifth Time I Died Rising
16 Mogwai Mexican Grand Prix Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Rock Action
17 Maserati They'll No More Suffer From Hunger Pyramid Of The Sun Golden Antenna
18 Danny & The Nightmares Souvenir Freak Brain Sympathy For The Record Industry
19 Ron Anderson's PAK Secret Curve Secret Curve Tzadik
20 The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble All Is One From The Stairwell Denovali
21 Metro Dr Love (Loose Body Parts Re-Inspection) Remixed Waggle-Daggle
22 Prehate 2012 2012 Silent Noise
23 Prehate The Anthem Of The Damned 2012 Silent Noise
24 Prehate 10 Lies 2012 Silent Noise



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