Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 17 April 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Desdemonia Symbiosis Existence (DIY)
2 The Deadists Human Stain Time Without Light Slow Burn
3 I, The Phoenix Synthetic Flavours I, The Phoenix Blackhill
4 Thot Take A Bow And Run Obscured By The Wind White Leaves
5 Seth.ECT Hollow Earth Godspeak (DIY)
6 Tormenta Judgement Tormented Souls Tormenta / Rock'n'Growl
7 Sacred Legacy Forgot Undying Heart Sacred Legacy
8 Twisted Tower Dire The Stone Make It Dark Cruz Del Sur
9 Split Heaven Time Warrior Street Law Pure Steel
10 Ram Under The Scythe Under The Scythe High Roller
11 U.D.O. Renegade Rev-Raptor AFM
12 Heartbeat Parade Les grands et les petits Heartbeat Parade (DIY)
13 Arms And Sleepers Tusk The Organ Hearts Expect Candy
14 Vacuum Tree Head Nora Barbarossa Discoteca MM2 Pest Colors
15 Leisure Class There Parents Night At The Leper Colony (DIY)
16 Aaron English Norwegian Wood Norwegian Wood / Kashmir (Single) Eronisongs
17 Zoroaster D.N.R. Matador Steamhammer / SPV
18 Roger Miret And The Disasters Stand Up And Fight Gotta Get Up Now People Like You
19 Agnostic Front Until The Day I Die My Life My Way Nuclear Blast
20 Roger Miret And The Disasters Gotta Get Up Now Gotta Get Up Now People Like You


Roger Miret

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