Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 1 May 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Spirits Of The Dead The Waves Of Our Ocean Spirits Of The Dead Big Dipper
2 Komparce Ligne 55 Vibra(k)tion (Festival de Musique) (DIY)
3 Elisabeth Flunger & Tomas Tello Closer To The Sky Vibra(k)tion (Festival de Musique) (DIY)
4 Lucilin Autour d'un centre raturé III Vibra(k)tion (Festival de Musique) (DIY)
5 Intense Men Dog Party 100% Intense Nacht
6 Terminal Sound System Lords Of The Living, Masters Of The Dead Heavy Weather Denovali
7 Syndrome Floating Veins Floating Veins ConSouling
8 The Phantom Carriage The Horses Feed Their Birds New Thing Throatruiner
9 secretSpeech Quranium Vibra(k)tion (Festival de Musique) (DIY)
10 READYdot He Is Alive Time Capsule Schnurstrax
11 Modular Clockwork Schizophrenic Frequency The Return Of The Bloe Baaschtert Amoeba
12 The Lucky Sperms Stale Spaghetti Somewhat Humorous Jagjaguwar
13 Without God Space Weed Lambs To The Slaughter RAIG
14 Gravity Part 2: Déphasé Syndrome M & O
15 Gravity Elle Syndrome M & O
16 Gravity Obsession Syndrome M & O


Vibra(k)tion Festival, Gravity

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