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Playlist 10 July 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Ceremony Into The Wayside Part I / Sick Rohnert Park Bridge Nine
2 Denial Fiend After Party Massacre Horror Holocaust Ibex Moon
3 Lost Sphere Project Devotees Third Level To Internal Failure Division
4 Chained And Desperate Bridge From Theism Divine Authority Abolishment Pitch Black
5 The Spektrum Diatharna Thoron (The Seeds of Immortality) Regret Of The Gods Noisehead
6 Leviathan About Fangs And Feathers Beyond The Gates Of Imagination (Pt. 1) Bret Hard
7 Talanas Messaline The Waspkeeper Eulogy
8 Flood Peak Closed Seas Filling Flasks (DIY)
9 The Rodeo Idiot Engine 2011 Vintage Fools Will Crush The Crown Throatruiner
10 Home Dice Game EP Digitalkunstrasen
11 S.O.S. Never A Brother I Owe You Nothing Good Fight
12 Daniel Johnston The Sun Shines Down On Me Don't Be Scared Stress
13 Jacob Faurholt Dark Hours Dark Hours Raw Onion
14 The Black Atlantic Heirloom Reverence For Fallen Trees Popup
15 The Miserable Rich Anything's Possible Anything's Possible Hazelwood
16 Quiet Rebellion From Cathedral Cities To Dark Northern Towns Still Talking Scribble (DIY)
17 Perlaine Something That Went Wrong A Journey Into The Inside Of Things Just Known From The Outside Finest Noise
18 Defcon Dance, Narcissist! Dance! The Age Of Entitlement Pate
19 Das Fieber Ruby Lips Das Fieber Siluh
20 Arctic Flame My Little Slice Of Hell Guardian At The Gate Pure Steel
21 Buster Shuffle Our Night Out Our Night Out People Like You
22 Buster Shuffle Me, Myself And I Our Night Out People Like You
23 Buster Shuffle Thirty-Eight Our Night Out People Like You


Buster Shuffle

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