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Playlist 17 July 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Suralin Time Is Timeless Leda Sweet Home
2 Woolen Night Dog Night Dog / Sun Lord (DIY)
3 Splinn Euphoria Becoming Ourselves M & O
4 Epysode March Of The Ghosts Obsessions AFM
5 Stream Of Passion Collide Darker Days Napalm
6 Sinner The One You Left Behind One Bullet Left AFM
7 Sergeant Steel Nuts Of Steel Lovers & Maniacs Refused
8 Voodoo Highway J.C. Superfuck Broken Uncle's Inn Voodoo Highway
9 Gallows Pole Waiting For The Mothership Waiting For The Mothership Pure Rock
10 Attick Demons Atlantis Atlantis Pure Steel
11 Pequod Tragedy Forgotten Thunderblast
12 Gorath Beasts From The Earth And The Sea Apokalypsis (Unveiling The Age That Is Not To Come) Twilight
13 Bone Dance West Three-Way Split (with Plebeian Grandstand and Divider) Throatruiner
14 Divider Gaļa Three-Way Split (with Plebeian Grandstand and Bone Dance) Throatruiner
15 Plebeian Grandstand Woe Is You Three-Way Split (with Bone Dance and Divider) Throatruiner
16 Deadend In Venice Brain Execution See You On The Ground Casket
17 Akarusa Yami Millennium Is My Salvation Ouroborous (DIY)
18 Akarusa Yami The Fallout Ouroborous (DIY)
19 Akarusa Yami Third Eye Wide Open Ouroborous (DIY)


Akarusa Yami

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