Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 July 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Sahg Baptism Of Fire III Indie
2 6:33 Beretta Orphan Of Good Manners M & O
3 Eternal Torture Disfigured Dissanity Thunderblast
4 The Rain I Bleed The Utter Me Narcissist Twilight Zone
5 Thunderblast Core Domain Invaders From Another World Pure Steel
6 Seed From The Geisha Deliverance Talk Peace To The Wolf M & O
7 Musth Thunder Tales From The Pit Funtime
8 Shadowcast Space Age Revolution Space Age Revolution Refused
9 Whoarfrost The Youth Are Sniffing Waste Whoarfrost Engine
10 Daniel Johnston Surely You Don't Work At Night The What Of Whom Stress
11 R.U.S.T. Forged In The Fire Of Metal Forged In The Fire Of Metal Pitch Black
12 Amenra Ritual II Mass II ConSouling
13 Fullforce Mythomaniac One Steamhammer / SPV
14 Evenstorm Position 69 The Return Of The Storm (DIY)
15 Iron Lamb Dubious Preacher The Original Sin High Roller
16 Valsans Mjölnir Sword Pure Underground
17 Stream Of Passion Lost Darker Days Napalm
18 Stream Of Passion Collide Darker Days Napalm
19 Stream Of Passion Darker Days Darker Days Napalm


Stream Of Passion

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