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Playlist 4 September 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Great Bertholinis Lucky Pinto Gradual Unfolding Of A Conscious Mind (Part 3) Hazelwood
2 Lava 303 featuring The Slags Destination Moon The Goddess Rules Burg Herzberg
3 Trompe Le Monde Eco For A Day All In Phénix
4 Cadaverous Condition Alone I Will Travel Burn Brightly Alone Starry
5 Lost In Pain Relive (Advance) (DIY)
6 Lost In Pain Sick And Tired (Advance) (DIY)
7 Lost In Pain Afraid (Advance) (DIY)
8 Exxplorer Chasing The High Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse Pure Steel
9 Pascal Bailly Je me hais tellement Colères et Envies M & O
10 Divine Spark Money Anima Mundi Riotska
11 Terrordome Thrash Till Deaf We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch! Defense
12 Requiem Purified In Flames Within Darkened Disorder Twilight
13 Prehate Such A Sad Place We Don't March Alone Noisehead
14 Griffar Relentless Infamy Monastery Non Serviam
15 Slytract Null&Void Existing Unreal Noisehead
16 Toxxic Toyz Chaos Mutation Nightmare
17 Seed From The Geisha Heads Or Tails Talk Peace To The Wolf M & O
18 Seed From The Geisha Feathers Talk Peace To The Wolf M & O
19 Seed From The Geisha Shades Talk Peace To The Wolf M & O


Lost In Pain, Seed From The Geisha

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