Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 25 December 2011

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Jeavestone Senseless 1+1=OK Nordic Notes
2 Eric + Mories Hate You Shuffing Stuff Up My Ass Eric + Mories Hate You Devotional Hymns
3 Seirom Morning Forest (self released)
4 Mert Basaran Mine November 2011 (self released)
5 Daniel Johnston To Go Home The What Of Whom Stress
6 Kiesgroup Die Gewehre der Frau Carter Shantychrist Tumbleweed
7 Emanuel and the Fear Over And Over Hands Haldern Pop
8 Wolf At The Door Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand Weary Bones Lapdance Academy
9 Omega Centauri May Whatever Cleanses Me Take Form Universum Infinitum Duplicate
10 Krossfire Warmachine Learning To Fly Pure Steel
11 Nemesea Caught In The Middle The Quiet Resistance Napalm
12 Five ((O)) Coffin Cruiser There Is A Name For Everything M & O
13 H2O I Wanna Live Don't Forget Your Roots Bridge Nine
14 The Prestige Painters & Novelists A Series Of Catastrophes And Consequences (self released)
15 Wizard's Beard Subirse el Muerto Four Tired Undertakers Altsphere
16 Bloodspot Consumed By Hatred Embrace The End Finest Noise
17 Bloodspot Bullets Embrace The End Finest Noise
18 Bloodspot Lifeless Flesh Embrace The End Finest Noise



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