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Playlist 11 March 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Buster Shuffle Small Town Our Night Out People Like You
2 Templeton Pek Signs Slow Down For Nothing People Like You
3 Wisdom In Chains Travelling The Missing Links I Scream Records
4 Twitching Tongues Astigmatism (Of The Phallic Muscle) Sleep Therapy I Scream Records
5 Horisont On The Run Second Assault Rise Above
6 Bitter Resolve A Day Without Fairies Bows And Arrows Against The Lightning Strangelet / Ozium
7 ANTA Needling Seamaw The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit Diogenes
8 Quantum Sphere The Fornax Void The Space Adventures Of Pyjama Boy (self released)
9 Trigon Spacechick Strikes Back 2011 (self released)
10 Unified Past I'm Not Answering Observations Melodic Revolution
11 Villebrad Sketchy Feelings Ampersand Prog Sphere
12 It Bites Map Of The Past Maps Of The Past InsideOut
13 Daniel Johnston Tuesday Waltz Why Me? Trikont
14 The Barcodes Back From Nowhere The Finest Noise - Der Sampler Vol. 25 The Finest Noise
15 Baxter One Of These Days The Finest Noise - Der Sampler Vol. 26 The Finest Noise
16 Syntonic Umbrella New Old Film The Finest Noise
17 Chris Friedrich Mein Serum In voller Fahrt Freiladen
18 Sparky Quano Where Are You Going? Jenga Aspect
19 Vengeance Me And You Crystal Eye Steamhammer / SPV
20 Vengeance Whole Lotta Metal Crystal Eye Steamhammer / SPV
21 Vengeance Five Knuckle Shuffle Crystal Eye Steamhammer / SPV



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