Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 2 September 2012

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Divine Spark Call Of The Wild Anima Mundi Riotska
2 Grand Central Pacific 01 Hell Vice i Vicious
3 Seizure Crypt Bigger Than Politics You've Been Had! 316 Productions
4 Purification A Torch To Pierce The Night A Torch To Pierce The Night Bastardized
5 Deliver Deadend 21 Lack Of Resistance (self released)
6 As Silence Breaks Biomechanical The Architecture Of Truth New Justice
7 Sympathy For Nothing Over & Done A Taste Of Light Terrasound
8 The Fallen Within Eyes On Fire The Day You Died Inside Noisehead
9 Rizon Masquerade Masquerade Karthago
10 Frail Grounds Freeze Me The Fields Of Trauma Triptych
11 Angband Fight For Life Saved From The Truth Pure Underground
12 Betrayer F.T.M. One Day Of Fury No Life Till Fury Violent
13 Kryptos The Mask Of Anubis The Coils Of Apollyon AFM
14 Suicide Of Demons Invisible Wings A New Beginning M & O
15 BrainWasheD Beast Within Me Wrecked (self released)
16 Terror Empire Element Face The Terror (self released)
17 Within Destruction This Misery From The Depths Noisehead
18 Mystagog ...Of Old ...Of Old Neverheard
19 Pagan Altar The Time Lord The Time Lord Cruz Del Sur
20 Graviators Soulstealer Evil Deeds Napalm
21 Gypsy Chief Goliath Elephant In The Room It's A Walk In The Mist Black Vulture
22 Vagiant Eternal Quest For Endless Beauty Gospel According To Vagiant Octopus
23 Barren Womb My Pal Trench Foot On The Origin Of Faeces The Perfect Hoax

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