Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 10 February 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 A Sound Of Thunder Kill That Bitch Out Of The Darkness Nightmare
2 Alter Self My Sober Reflection Seven Deady Blessings Noisehead
3 The Levitation Hex Scratch A Life And Find A Thief The Levitation Hex High Roller
4 Darkrise I'm Here Realeyes Great Dane
5 Cadaver Disposal Phobia May All Be Dead Nihilistic Empire
6 Death Tyrant Baphomet Opus De Tyranis Non Serviam
7 Lugnasad Xerolagnia Smell Of A Grey Sore Art Of Propaganda
8 Vuyvr Hoch Eiskalt Throatruiner
9 The Phantom Carriage Dreamers Will Never Stop Dreaming Falls Throatruiner
10 Coilguns Minkowski Manhattan Distance Commuters Pelagic
11 Terra Tenebrosa The Purging The Purging Trust No One / Apocaplexy
12 The Black Heart Rebellion The Woods I Run From Har Nevo Smoke & Dust / Adagio-830 / Tokio Jupiter
13 Special People Catalyst Plant (self released)
14 Razor Blazers I'm Sick I'm Sick / Linear Rerun (7-Inch) Windows Have Eyes
15 Plankton Waves Cthulhu Songs Of Endings (self released)
16 The New Slave There Is A Way Bringing You A Brighter Tomorrow Raw Onion
17 Pit Of Doom Raise Your Weapons Atonement Finest Noise
18 Pit Of Doom Retaliation Atonement Finest Noise
19 Pit Of Doom Sorrow And Strife Atonement Finest Noise


Pit Of Doom

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