Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 24 February 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Dylath-Leen End Of Time Cabale Great Dane
2 Blynd As Punishment Unfolds Punishment Unfolds Pitch Black
3 As They Burn The Conscious Man Will, Love, Life Victory
4 Jungle Rot Destruction And Misery Skin The Living Victory
5 Arroganz Ghost Of The Wolf kaos.kult.kreation Blacksmith
6 Chaos Invocation Beyond Coming Black Mirror Hours W.T.C.
7 Flagellant Necromantic Revelations Maledictum W.T.C.
8 Kitshickers Euphrates The Orion Constellation Winged Skull
9 Kitshickers And What Else Do You Need So That's The Miracle Of Life Winged Skull
10 Kitshickers What We Shall Not Forget Arme de l'Air (From The Known To The Unknown) Winged Skull
11 Kitshickers Dinosaur One More Demo (self released)
12 Bob Wayne Fuck The Law (German Version) Rock'n'Roll Is The Devil's Music People Like You
13 L Heartbeat Corello Motello Art Development
14 Riverside Celebrity Touch Shrine Of New Genration Slaves InsideOut
15 Riverside Deprived Shrine Of New Genration Slaves InsideOut


Kitshickers, Riverside

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