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Playlist 21 April 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Carps' Youtopia Gaia (self released)
2 Dominic To Live For Persona Denovali
3 Shrine Delusional Kings Aether (7-Inch) Moment Of Collapse
4 The Old Wind I'm Dead Feast On Your Gone Pelagic
5 Light Bearer Silver Tongue Silver Tongue Moment Of Collapse
6 Halloween No One Gets Out No One Gets Out! (Re-Release) Pure Steel
7 Halloween Go To Hell Horror Fire (re-release) Pure Steel
8 U.D.O. Basta Ya Steelhammer AFM
9 Ultra Zook Mozambiouc Epuzz Gnougn / Human Feather
10 Daniel Johnston You're Not Laura The Lost Recordings 2 Stress
11 Bureaucrat & The Conspirators The Big Pass Highest Floor (Of The Forest) Pt. II (self released)
12 Ageing Children I'm Gonna Get My Dog Ageing Children Bearsuit
13 Acrania Deceive The Pain An Uncertain Collision (self released)
14 Acolyte Leng Alta Mordgrimm
15 Apolline Puck No Longer Rain M & O
16 Apolline Bodybag No Longer Rain M & O
17 Apolline Shine No Longer Rain M & O



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