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Playlist 28 April 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Crystal Shipsss Uh Huh (Shadow in the Mirror Mix) Yay (Crystal Hitsss - The New Slave Remixes) Raw Onion
2 180 Virvar Adaptation Choice Is [Insert Words] $coOp / Target
3 Daniel Johnston You've Got A Funny Sense Of Humor The Lost Recordings 2 Stress
4 Xbrainwaves Jumpover Cosmic Dreams (self released)
5 A Sickness Unto Death Gallows Tree Thy Name Despair TWS
6 Endless Void R.I.P. / March Of The Dead Apparitions AIF
7 Hopes Of Freedom Ride In The Sky Hopes Of Freedom M & O
8 UFO Wonderland Wonderland (single) Steamhammer / SPV
9 Kingdom Come God Does Not Sing Our Song Outlier Steamhammer / SPV
10 Delain Such A Shame Interlude Napalm
11 Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort Was bleibt Neue Deutsche Schelle Finest Noise / Radar
12 Encypher The Messenger 3rd Eye Supernova Finest Noise / Radar
13 My Only Scenery The Second Breath We Are M & O
14 Mindwise Once The Midnight Spiral Finest Noise / Radar
15 Noopinion Insidious No Chains For Change Finest Noise / Radar
16 Blacklevel Embassy Old Revolt New Veteran Worldwide Battle / OSCL
17 Vital Breath Stand Alone Duality M & O
18 Vidharr Void Cryo Maa / Zero Dimensional
19 Crystal Shipsss Where The Wild Things Are Crystal Shipsss EP Raw Onion
20 Crystal Shipsss Listening To Devil Town Crystal Shipsss EP Raw Onion
21 Crystal Shipsss Crushing Like A Skull Crystal Shipsss EP Raw Onion


Crystal Shipsss

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