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Playlist 30 June 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Sid Savant Fascist For Freedom Last Stop On Bimini Road Drowning Witch Audio / Dooload
2 Morbid Angel Chapel Of Ghouls Altars Of Madness Earache
3 Napalm Death Instinct Of Survival Scum Earache
4 Jesu Sedatives Ascension Caldo Verde
5 Black Sound Empire Cheval Sisma Noisehead
6 Amalthea The Fall The Fail (7-Inch) Moment Of Collapse
7 Death Engine Gun Amen Throatruiner
8 Endless Dark Fading From You Endless Dark (self released)
9 Act Fratricidal Quarrel World’s A Stage (self released)
10 Napalm Death Everyday Pox Utilitarian Century Media
11 Vermin Slave Plunge Into Oblivion (Reissue) Punishment 18
12 Unchallenged Hate Of Thousand Fires New Hate Order Grind Attack
13 The Last Shot Of War Obscene Whisper Piece Of Hate (self released)
14 Terrortory New World Order City Of Ghosts Discouraged
15 Noein Liars' Dream Infection.Erasure.Replacement Klonosphere
16 Revelation's Hammer Revelation's Hammer Revelation's Hammer My Kingdom
17 Regarde Les Hommes Tomber II: Wanderer Of Eternity Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Les Acteurs de l'Ombre
18 Rotting Empire Sui Generis Sui Generis Rebirth The Metal
19 Pathogen Monolith Miscreants Of Bloodlusting Aberrations Dunkelheit
20 Paria Surrealist Satanist Surrealist Satanist WTC


Altars of Madness (exhibition at the Casino Luxembourg)

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