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Playlist 15 September 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 The Glad Husbands Her First Big Machete God Bless The Stormy Weather Whosbrain
2 S.K.O.R. The Unknown (self released)
3 Express Candy Just A Man Express Candy (self released)
4 Fire On Dawson Hit Me Prognative C-Records
5 Ardenne Heavy The Unknown Hero (self released)
6 Scarecrow N.W.A. Technology Of Death Transgression Noisehead
7 Scythe Monarch Subterranean Steel Primitive Reaction
8 Stellar Master Elite Beyond Light II: Destructive Interference Generator Exciter
9 Steal Your Crown Die4Mine Throne Of Infamy Hellxis
10 Cannibal Accident Chili Con Carnage Lennu (7 Inch) Nailjar
11 Rectal Smegma Fistkiss Become The Bitch Herrie
12 Nekrokrist SS Perkeleestä Syntynyt Der Todesking Primitive Reaction
13 Cold Cell EndZeitGeist Generation Abomination Gravity
14 Maxxxwell Carlisle Full Metal Thunder Full Metal Thunder EP Power Dungeon
15 Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai I Can Make Footprints With My Eye The Lost Charles Underscore Bearsuit
16 Amores Vigilantes feat. Lyrics Born Urayasu Girl Urayasu Girl (Single) Three Ring
17 The Dirty Youth Requiem Of The Drunk Requiem Of The Drunk (Single) Transcend
18 Gold Skies Ahead It's Always Rainy In Seattle Bremerton Transcend
19 Cub3 Brűle moi Identité M & O
20 Eternal Torture Dresscoat Meat Lacerate The Global Hate Noisehead


Nordic Rock Festival

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