Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 22 September 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 La Horde La horde du contrevent En passant par le monde Fantai'Zic
2 Sleepers' Guilt Road Of Emptiness Road Of Emptiness (self released)
3 Sleepers' Guilt One Last Shiver Road Of Emptiness (self released)
4 Sleepers' Guilt Leviathan Road Of Emptiness (self released)
5 Sleepers' Guilt Never Let Me Down Again Road Of Emptiness (self released)
6 Epysode The Arch Fantasmagoria AFM
7 Shatter Messiah Disconnecting Hail The New Cross Mausoleum
8 Kitshickers cos 90 Horror Vacui (self released)
9 Thoughts Of The 4 I Don't Give A Fuck I Don't Give A Fuck (single) (self released)
10 Luxus Fridden am Land Bommeleeeeer (self released)
11 Lindsay Cooper Oh Moscow Oh Moscow Victo
12 Opus Symbiosis Icebreaker Monster EP (self released)
13 Monday Morning Sun Never Look Back Boundaries Blindsight
14 30,000 Monkies Amazones Somewhere Over The Painbow ConSouling
15 Encorion Fire Of Freedom Our Pagan Hearts Reborn Sleaszy Rider


Sleepers' Guilt

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