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Playlist 6 October 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Opus Symbiosis Breaking News Nature's Choir (self released)
2 Fates Warning Into The Black Darkness In A Different Light InsideOut
3 Indicative Elastic Indicative Qanat
4 The Pod Going Home Faded Memory From A Dying Sun The Path Less Travelled
5 Order Of Victory The Worker Nemo Oblivioni Tradita Est, Nihil Oblivioni Tradita Est Casus Belli
6 Tor Marrock The Waves Destroy The Soul Black Vulture
7 Iron Mask Like A Lion In A Cage Fifth Son Of Winterdoom AFM
8 Valor Answer's Yonder The Yonder Answer Pitch Black
9 Highlord Standing In The Rain The Warning After Punishment 18
10 Mesmerize Paintropy Punishment 18
11 Freedoms Reign Shadows Of A Doubt Freedoms Reign Cruz Del Sur
12 Truckfighters The Chairman The Chairman EP Pirate Smile
13 Robert Dahlqvist Redo Nån Gång Solo Despotz / Cargo
13 Painside Break The Hive Build Your Fiction EP (self released)
15 Two Witches Inner Circle Outsider Bats Of Mercy (A Nordic Gothic Compilation) Bat Night
16 The Sorrow Retracing Memories Misery Escape Napalm
17 Diamond Drive Nineteen Eighty-Fear Temporality Noisehead
18 Overtures Of Nightmares Entering The Maze Sleaszy Rider
19 Buzz Dees Icke Icke Sholley
20 Buzz Dees Universal Telefon Icke Sholley
21 Buzz Dees Tawarisch Putin Kamerad Icke Sholley


Buzz Dees

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