Der Daiwel steet virun der Dir

Playlist 1 December 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Candy Hearts Bad Idea The Best Ways To Disappear Bridge Nine
2 Die Kassierer AIDS Sanfte Strukturen Teenage Rebel
3 C.O.A.G. III Sociopath Kaotoxin
4 Whip Demon Rum Digitus Impudicus Polypus
5 Zombie Lake War Of The Worlds Plaque Of The Undead Iron Shield
6 Patrons Of The Rotting Gate Pride In Descent The Rose Coil The Path Less Traveled
7 Mindpatrol Masquerade Downfall Theatre (self-released)
8 Black Messiah Edmund von Ostanglien Heimweh AFM
9 Dragonhammer The End Of The World The X Experiment My Kingdom
10 Crystal Viper Voices In My Head Possession AFM
11 Leaves' Eyes Fading Earth Symphonies Of The Night Napalm
12 Driving Mrs. Satan Battery Popscotch Agualoca
13 The New Mystikal Troubadours New Wilde Paradise The Summer Bluffs (self-released)
14 Lover 303 Die Mama muss mal tanzen gehn Alien Revolution Playground
15 Aviators Zero Mirrors Russian Winter
16 Splitter Trabantenstadt Thea Finaltune
17 Bicycles With No Riders Gone Hold You Up To The Light Blindsight
18 Elizabeth Danger Insomnia Throatruiner / Lost Pilgrims
19 Close Your Eyes Frame And Glass Line In The Sand Victory
20 Seeker Pale Death Unloved Victory
21 The Betrayer's Judgement Broken Mirrors Philosopher Twin Peak
22 Gliding Soul Oceans Travelling With Mr. Who (self-released)
23 Medusa's Child Unchained Soul Damnatio Memoriae Black Board

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