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Playlist 15 December 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Mystery Blue Evil Spell Conquer The World Road Show
2 Mean To You Fallen Fallen EP (self-released)
3 Mean To You Save Me Fallen EP (self-released)
4 Mean To You Ocean Waves Fallen EP (self-released)
5 Mean To You Goodbye Fallen EP (self-released)
6 Lucid Dream The Lightseeker The Eleventh Illusion (self-released)
7 Ilvcia The Safe In The Nature Of Reason (self-released)
8 Red Apollo Transgression III: Mental Enlightenment Split-7" (with Withers) Moment Of Collapse
9 Withers Inflame. Exhume. Resign. Split-7" (with Red Apolla) Moment Of Collapse
10 Lazarus Blackstar Whispering Through Broken Teeth Split-LP (with Black Shape Of Nexus) Alerta Antifascista
11 Black Shape Of Nexus Honor Found In Delay Split-LP (with Lazarus Blackstar) Alerta Antifascista
12 Always Wanted War Stars Hollow C.R.E.A.M. (10-Inch) Moment Of Collapse
13 Black Vulpine Ava Kadavra Demo Moment Of Collapse
14 Like Like The The The Death Cry Tag Cave Jenny Latest Flame
15 Waxeater Omar Comin' Baltimore Record Latest Flame


Mean To You

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