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Playlist 29 December 2013

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Mascot Parade The Uninvited Guest Cause & Effect Noisehead
2 Oprich Beldam-Snowstorm Birdless Heavens Casus Belli
3 Red XIII Sleeping Giants Perceptions Transcend
4 Heavatar All My Kingdoms Opus I - All My Kingdoms Napalm
5 Ultra-Violence Stigmatized Reality Privilege To Overcome Punishment 18
6 No Omega Utopianist Shame Throatruiner
7 Sandness Artificial Lover Like An Addiction Sleaszy Rider
8 Brute Forcz Live For Speed Out For Blood (self-released)
9 Groteskh ...At Death Unconsciousness Noisehead
10 Mortal Form Storm Before Calm The Reckoning My Kingdom
11 Beyond Description Fossilize An Elegy For Depletion Punishment 18
12 King Carnage Lord Sabotage Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh Badgod
13 September Murder May Conviction Force Reckoning He Who Invokes Decadence (self-released)
14 Sign Of The Jackal Paura Nella Citta Dei Morti Viventi Mark Of The Beast High Roller
15 Heights March 1964 Old Lies For Young Lives Transcend
16 Grenouer Blood On The Face Blood On The Face Mausoleum
17 Soil Loaded Gun Whole AFM
18 I, The Writer I, The Writer The Prisoner's Dilemma Self Made
19 Concrete Icon Righteousness Decayed Perennial Anguish Black Vulture
20 The Hate Colony Cornered Dead Or Victorious Trøndercore
21 The Answer New Horizon New Horizon Napalm
22 Dominik Plangger Almliad Hoffnungsstur Sturm & Klang
23 Dominik Plangger Mein Freund, der Afghane Hoffnungsstur Sturm & Klang
24 Dominik Plangger If I Needed You Hoffnungsstur Sturm & Klang


Dominik Plangger

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