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Playlist 12 January 2014

# Artist Title Album Label
1 Diagonal Voyage / Paralysis The Second Mechanism Rise Above
2 Sex Jams Junkyard Junkyard (7") Siluh
3 Nine Eleven Face The Triangle 24 Years Nine Eleven Conspiracy
4 Sight Of Emptiness Paradox (feat. Manuel Obregon) Instincts (self-released)
5 Torchure In His Grip Beyond The Veil (Re-Release) Vic
6 Töxik Death Thrashforces Of Evil Speed Metal Hell Demonhood
7 Tennessee Murder Club Human Harvest Human Harvest Nailjar
8 Sordid Flesh Mark Of The Fallen Torturer Vic
9 Ribspreader As The Blood Flows Meathymns Vic
10 Anarchos Morbid Ways To Decay Descent Into The Maelstrom Vic
11 Portal On Far Trails For All That Is Damned To Vanish Vic
12 Freshdax Meng zwou Schoulen Ziel mir net däi Liewen Noiseworks
13 Greguy American Way Of Life Minor Injury Bearsuit
14 Terminal Sound System Oceans Nordic Lake Sounds Vol. V Denovali
15 Legend State Of Grace Spirit Ravenheart
16 Winter Storm Dark Awakening Within The Frozen Design (self-released)
17 Serpent Scream For Revenge Possessed By Night High Roller
18 Sparta Angel Of Death Welcome To Hell High Roller
19 Mad Max Godzilla Interceptor Steamhammer / SPV
20 Psychocalypse Crying Moon Crying Moon Buil2Kill
21 Pelgrim Subsider Pelgrim (self-released)

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